The Flow

When a creation enters your world through a dream… you pay attention. It was a Tree… beautiful and sweet. It had a yellow background, it was swirly and filled with tiny doodles. I had a feeling that I should translate it to paper as best as I could.

I can still feel the energy, and how excited I was to try my first ink and watercolor mix. I managed to get an afternoon all to myself, and without delay, The Flow was born. This drawing still to this day reminds me of allowing the flow of energy to come through me and manifest. Over the years there have been so many creations that I resisted and never pulled out from the idea realm. It’s okay, they always find a way. I do, however, enjoy very much when I communicate creation – when I grab ideas and bring them to life.

So, if you are resisting an idea right now… just sit and do something. Journal, doodle, something. Break through the resistance and let it out. If the idea is not born through you, then I hope that someone else picks it up to allow that idea to flow.

I love those tiny swirls. I recycle them when I can – here is a light plate switch I made with it.

I hope you FLOW.


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